Interpol and Blackberry Message

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Politic

a Broadcast Message… at blackberry on tue, 1/31/2012; from my college friend

“Info from Australia. Just for precaution. Interpol has just received news (00.44am) about a possible bomb threat at Four Seasons (Hotel) & Shangrila Hotel & one of the Night Clubs in Jakarta (HIGH possibility X2 Club at Plaza Senayan Shopping Mall in Jakarta by car bomb). Please avoid Jl HR Rasuna Said and especially Jl Asia-Afrika for the next few days or weeks & avoid bringing your family, friends and closed ones to these public places. Please pass on this message to those you know. You might be saving lives, take care — Ref.:”

But for me,, maybe it just a hoax message or sumthing… the possibility of course it’s only give an advantage to parties who is irresponsible, due to absence of reason and a strong base to support the opinion… “for the next few fucking days and fucking weeks” huh?? Based on circumstances and conditions of our country histories, often used by many sides who wants to look attentively by spreading terror being rusticated and that’s irrational… said: “take care”??
Ooh man,, that’s uncertain!! This is my country bro,, common!!


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